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BlackTopMedia is a petrol head doing what he loves: Driving, writing and filming cars for you.

I’m the founder, Mark Turner @Blacktopmediauk. I grew up oily, holding a spanner for my dad. Now I’m a freelance auto journalist who loves bikes and old school cars. I’ve done almost everything from selling cars to fixing them to working on with the manufacturers on engineering projects to driving, photographing and writing about them.

I’m always looking for new opportunities and if you want to be involved or have something you think i would like to be involved with, drop me a line.

Mark says “I remember in my first year at secondary school I was sitting in English class. We had a truly inspirational teacher called Wally Gomes who had a MK1 Escort Lotus. Wally sparked something inside me and I’ve been writing ever since.”

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  1. Hello Mark, my name is Pauline and my husband is Ron. We spent a very nice day with you at the Electric Bike Co. looking forward to hearing what you have to say about Zero’s. Since then we have had another fun family day out there. Kind regards Pauline.

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