Silence The City. Ride The Future: Maeving RM1S

Coventry, England, has a rich history of manufacturing motorcycles, through legendary manufacturers like Triumph, Norton, Coventry Eagle, Humber, Riley and Swift to name just a few. In 2017, a new name joined the ranks: Maeving. Founded by tech-savvy mates Seb Inglis-Jones and William Stirrup, Maeving isn’t your average motorcycle startup. 

Will and Seb met and became best mates at Uni and they swore that one day they’d build a business together. 

These guys saw a gap in the market – a lack of stylish, well-made electric motorcycles that could compete with the mass-produced Chinese options.

Will and Seb knew what they were missing – a way to combine their love for the environment with cutting-edge technology and maybe change the world for the better along the way. Electric motorcycles seemed like the perfect solution. They saw China dominating the electric two-wheeled market, but with quality that left much to be desired.

To give you an idea of scale, China is the country with the highest adoption of electric vehicles. 80% of Chinese use electric motorbikes and scooters. In 2022 in China there were around 7.63 million electric motorcycles and scooters sold.

In the UK in 2022, only 6,526 electric motorcycles and scooters were registered Vs 116,536 ICE (internal combustion engined) motorcycles. 51,187 of these were 125cc or below, Maeving’s target audience. You can see the potential. 

If you also consider that current UK government targets tell us that by 2030 the manufacture and sale of <50cc ICE motorcycles will no longer be allowed and by 2040 all ICE motorcycles will follow suit and you can see the potential. 

A small capacity electric motorcycle makes so much sense. They are simple, with very few moving parts, making them easy to run, service and to ride. They are economical, costing around 1p per mile to run. They are quiet, making them the perfect solution for noisy, smelly city centres. Most of all, they are fun! It’s great fun tooling around on an electric motorcycle, taking in the sights. 

Instead of following suit, they decided to tap into Britain’s heritage of craftsmanship. They assembled a dream team of engineers with over a century of experience building iconic British bikes. The result? The Maeving RM1 – a lightweight electric motorcycle built for urban riders.

The RM1 is a head-turner. It boasts a gorgeous retro design that pays homage to the classics, but with the soul of a modern electric machine. With a 4.4 kW (5.9 hp) motor that delivers 160 Nm torque and a top speed of 43.5 mph, there’s enough have some fun and with a range of up to 80 miles, depending on how you ride, the RM1 is perfect for city commutes and zipping around town. Plus, it only weighs around 111-123 kg. The removable batteries can be charged from any standard outlet in 3-4 hours, eliminating range anxiety.

The first Maeving RM1, which was built completely by hand, rolled off the production line in Coventry in April 2022.

While the RM1 is a great option for city commuters, Maeving isn’t resting on its laurels. They have just released the sequel, the RM1S – the same, but better. 

I spent a very pleasant day riding the RM1S around London, taking in the sights and enjoying the sun and had a blast. 

The RM1S is perfect for this kind of riding. 

I like electric motorcycles, their simplicity is relaxing and so at odds with the hustle and bustle of London. 

You simply glide around, receiving admiring glances from intrigued bystanders. It seems that at every set of traffic lights or junction, someone is admiring the bike or curiously watching you silently disappear into the distance. 

The RM1S is whisper quiet. You’ll hear the birds singing and the wind whistling past your helmet – a symphony of summer instead of an engine roar. It’s peaceful, almost meditative, gliding through those sun-dappled lanes.

Then there’s the instant torque. No need to wait for the revs to climb. You twist the throttle and it’s there! It’s like having a playful puppy on two wheels, eager to chase the sunshine. Perfect for darting through city streets or carving up those twisty country roads.

My bike had the standard suspension; non adjustable front forks and twin rear shocks, adjustable for preload only. I had to ask the guys to increase the preload as it was bottoming out over big bumps. It wasn’t the bikes fault, I’m not exactly skinny and once tweaked, it was great, smoothing out all but the worst that London had to throw at me. 

The seat is small, no room for a pillion, and if I’m honest, it’s fine for a while but was pretty uncomfortable after an hour. Let’s be real, I’m not small and the bike isn’t generally going to be used for long journeys. If I bought one, I would simple add a more comfortable, custom seat cover, problem solved. 

Performance: It has a 14bhp hub-mounted motor, capable of reaching a top speed of 70 mph and boasts three riding modes (Eco/Ride/Sport) that limit speed around town for better control.

Range: With its dual batteries, the RM1S offers a range of 80 miles. The batteries are removable, so you can take them out to charge or plug the bike in directly. Charging time is Approx. 5h:57 min for 0-100% and 2h:30 min for 20-80% 

With both batteries on board the RM1S only weighs 133kg. It makes 7.0 kW continuous power / 10.5 kW peak power and 250 Nm torque.

Convenience: The RM1S has a lightweight design, making it easy to handle and maneuver. It also has a built-in USB charger and a generous, lockable storage compartment where the tank would be on a traditional motorcycle. There’s also an optional roll top side panier for additional storage. 

As an industry first, Maeving have moved away from motorcycle dealerships and offer doorstep delivery and servicing, meaning every part of your journey with Maeving is dealt with directly. They deliver the bike to you and come to you to service it. 

If you’re looking for an electric motorcycle that’s equal parts stylish, practical, and built to last, look no further than Maeving. It’s a beautiful bike, great to ride and a very welcome alternative to sitting in your boring box, stuck in traffic. 

Price: The RM1S starts at £7,495

            The RM1 starts at £4,995

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