RUROC Atlas 4.0 Carbon Joker

Since last summer we’ve had a Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Carbon Joker on test. My lad has been wearing it mostly, he passed his CBT and thanks to the excellent marketing and distinctive design, his first choice was a Ruroc. 

The 4.0 is ECE 22.06 Approved: This is a big deal. It means the Atlas 4.0 meets the strictest safety standards currently available, with tougher impact zones and tests for rotational acceleration to minimize brain injuries. As a rider, that gives you serious peace of mind.

We have the Carbon version which is super lightweight and strong, it offers great impact protection. The carbon fiber shell also helps to make this a light helmet, which means its more comfortable, especially on long rides.

RHEON™ Liner: This is Ruroc’s special sauce. It’s a liner with a fancy fluid inside that absorbs impact better than traditional materials. Think of it as an extra layer of protection for your head. This is the first road helmet to feature this technology. 

Quiet Ride: They’ve revamped the ventilation system on the 4.0 to make this their quietest helmet yet and you can fine-tune the two front vents to let in just the right amount. 

You can’t deny Ruroc makes stylish helmets. They are instantly recognisable due to the distinctive shape, particularly the chin bar. 

That said, I have a big nose and the only criticism I have is that my nose just about touches the chin bar 

The Atlas 4.0 comes in a variety of colors and graphics, so you can look good while you ride. If you want to stand out and make a statement, their Marvel and Star Wars themed designs are pretty outrageous. My lads helmet is the Joker, one of the most outrageous designs, in my opinion. Probably my favourite design is the Boba Fett, it’s evocative and takes me back to my youth. 

Optional Bluetooth: The helmet itself doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth, but you can buy their Shockwave™ insert to add music, calls, and navigation. It’s fitted to ours and it’s a great addition. The buttons are at the rear edge of the helmet, fidly at first, simple with practice. 

Ours came with a  Pinlock anti-fog insert and dark visor and both are great accessories, essential I’d say.

With a short summer and a long, cold, wet winter under it’s belt, the Atlas 4.0 has done well. I had to repossess if briefly to give it a bit of a service. The padding is all removable and only takes seconds to remove, so after a wash and reassembly it was in tip top condition again.

The Ruroc Atlas 4.0 Carbon is a solid, safe helmet with some good tech features. It’s lightweight and has ECE 22.06 rating. In the SHARP test it scored a solid 4 stars. 

If you’re looking to make a statement and look good doing it, and you want a safe and strong helmet, check out the Ruroc range. 

Sizing: They have a wide range of sizes from XS to XL/XXL, which is good. Finding a proper fit is crucial for safety and comfort.

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