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Black Smoke Racing…..Rolling Coal


The crew at Black smoke racing must look at the world differently to most people.

wheel up

I came across these guys a couple of years ago. The team are based in Finland and compete in various drift races across Europe.


You would expect them to run a wide bodied Supra, Skyline GTS or maybe an S14 but no, these crazy Finnish dudes do it in a Mercedes W123 Wagon…..diesel!BSR crew


The engine in the car is the OM606-98 24v turbo diesel unit from a ’98 E-Class Mercedes. Their W123 joined the team in 2010 where it was reliably running standard internals with a bigger turbo.

The engine is now far from standard with custom Garrett GT42 turbo from their sponsor LDS Turbo, Eaton M90 compressor (yes its turbo charged and supercharged!), custom Exhaust Manifold, modified diesel pump, water injection and home-made intercooler.

The engine now has Arrow rods, a re- worked head and balanced crank.


If that wasn’t enough it also has a 100bhp shot of nitrous to liven things up.


The chassis features D2 coilovers, full cage and front and rear axles from a Toyota Aristo. To improve the steering they used parts from Mercedes, Volvo and Toyota to achieve a 62 degree steering angle and the Black Smoke Racing Mercedes W123 wagon runs a modified AMG E55 automatic gearbox.


Teemu Peltola is the driver who is not afraid to wield the spanners and get his hands dirty and is can found under or in the car. When he’s not drifting the diesel Mercedes he runs his own heavy lifting company in Kokkola in Finland.


I asked one of the team Joni Uunila what kind of power the thing makes and the truth is they don’t know for sure. They don’t race on rolling roads, they race on tracks! It’s got enough and estimates suggest around 600bhp with 1000Nm of torque.

The key is good power with good driveability .


Black Smoke Racing has seen success not just on track but in their social media campaign too. They have filmed and posted lots of their events and have had a great response.

They now have a Facebook page too which is gaining in popularity and their own website.


They have a great YouTube channel too with a load of really cool drift videos and videos of work being carried out on the car.


What I like most about Black Smoke Racing is that they are different and individual.

They build almost everything in house or close to in house with the help of friends, local companies and sponsors. They don’t have a huge budget but what they do have is bucket loads of drive, enthusiasm and skill.


What these guys need more than anything is support. Share their videos, links, website, Facebook wherever you can.


Check out their YouTube channel here;


I heard from the guys in Black Smoke Racing recently.W203 drifting

They bought their new 2013 car today and begin the build next week! It’s another Mercedes, this time a W203 Wagon.


The best news for me  is they are competing in the British Drift Championship this year!

Black Smoke Racing will be competing in the new car, the W203 Wagon, here in the UK.

I can’t wait to see them perform in person. It’s such a unique team.


They will be using the engine and drive train from the old W123 wagon in the new W203 BUT the W123 lives on and they will be building a fresh engine and gearbox for the W123 with around 500bhp.


For sponsorship opportunities the guys can be contacted on;,


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