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‘Cars I See’ by Frazer Spowart


A little while ago Jimmy Drama from showed me something that had a profound effect on me.

It wasn’t what you are thinking, I don’t know him that well.

What Jimmy did was post a video from a cool young film maker called Frazer Spowart in Savannah USA.


Frazer Spowart is a native of Scotland, now resident in the United States.

Frazer studied at Savannah College of Art and Design where he was awarded an MA Photography and his commercial work has been published nationally.


Frazer has recently completed the 3rd episode in a series of ultra cool short films called ‘cars I see’.

In the words of Frazer himself “I’m a car guy myself and it just feels natural to focus on cars and tell stories we can all relate to”.


I guess that’s what happened. I’m a petrol head, always have been. I grew up around cars, trucks and anything with an engine and when I saw the first edition of ‘cars I see’ it was like an awakening of sorts.

I don’t mean to be over dramatic but it was that moment when you’ve been trying to find a word or phrase or answer and all of a sudden someone offers you the solution that was so obvious.


What I like most about Frazers films is the subtlety. He doesn’t force an opinion, just tells a quiet truth. For me his work creates a flood of emotions but it’s so gentle and subtle.


I don’t know how people do things like this. I mean, I know how, it’s basically a mechanical process, like replacing a wheel bearing. There’s a rehearsed pattern of events that needs to be undertaken.

What I mean is what makes them so much better at it than me.


I remember seeing some recent images and feeling inferior.

I take bad pictures. I’d like to do better, but they end up just like everyone else’s, a decent enough facsimile of the moment’s events but lacking soul, just a 2D imitation. I keep telling myself it must be the equipment, maybe I need a decent camera?


I’m realistic and I think some people are just different. For some it’s riding a MotoGP bike, some drive F1 cars, some play guitar and some make films or take pictures. Whether it’s cooking, running, sailing, building cars or many other genres, some people just have and extraordinary talent. God given? Nah, I don’t subscribe to that.


I emailed Frazer and introduced myself and we bounced a few emails. He’s a really cool guy, Scottish born and now residing in Savannah USA.


‘Cars I see’ is an inspirational series of films. I can’t wait to see what Frazer does next.



Video 1 URL;

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Video 2 URL;

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Video 3 URL;

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