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Goblin Works Garage

Goblin Works Garage shoot at The Depository - Hackney. Jimmy, Helen, and Ant.

Goblin Works were an old, established British engineering company that sadly faded into obscurity in the ‘80’s, never to be heard of again.

That is until extreme engineer Jimmy de Ville decided to put together a crack team of petrol head engineers to build custom cars and motorcycles under the name ‘Goblin Works Garage’.

Who are the Goblins? The team is made up of Ant Partridge, a custom bike designer and builder, Helen Stanley a custom classic car designer and builder, and Jimmy de Ville, extreme engineer extraordinaire.

The purpose of the Goblin team is to design and create custom builds to ruffle feathers, challenge perceptions, inspire, infuriate and indulge petrol head fantasies. And best of all, we get to see it in all its technicolor glory, blow by blow.

Goblin Works Garage shoot at The Depository - Hackney. Jimmy, Helen, and Ant.

The Goblin Works Garage dream team, Jimmy, Ant and Helen, all bring very different skills and experience to the table. What they do share is passion for engineering, speed, custom design and individuality. With a sprinkling of genius, lunacy and imagination thrown in for good measures.

Goblin Works Garage is a not to be missed, 6 parts series, starting in the UK on Thursday 11th January at 9pm on Quest, with release in the rest of the world to follow shortly after.

Throughout the series the Goblins design and build six custom classic cars and four custom motorcycles, that makes for six action packed episodes.

The lineup includes;

Goblin Works Garage shoot at The Depository - Hackney. Helen.

4 Wheels.

  • A  MK3 Capri that gets transformed into a muscle car the likes of which the UK has never seen.
  • A Series 2a Land Rover that gets slammed, Goblin style. You can actually hear the purists cry in this episode.
  • An ugly ‘70’s MG that gets turned it into a sleek speedster.
  • A MK2 Escort that gets the rally car for the road treatment in true retro-mod, Goblin style.
  • A Datsun 280z that is transformed into a fast retro road car.
  • A 1950’s Chevy Apache Truck that gets transformed into a hard as nails mini monster truck.

Goblin Works Garage shoot at The Depository - Hackney. Ant.2 Wheels.

  • A 2017 Norton Dominator Naked Edition gets reimagined into a Goblin café racer concept bike for Norton CEO Stuart Garner and Norton.
  • A 2017 Yamaha MT 10  gets born again as”Tempus Fury”, a turbo charged drag bike, built for TW Steel.
  • A 2017 Harley Davidson Roadster gets turned into a wall riding Flat Track Racer.
  • A Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R gets a race build for the legendary Fast Freddie Spencer.

Goblin Works Garage shoot at The Depository - Hackney. Helen.

Tempus Fury

Each of the selected vehicles gets restored, reimagined, redesigned and customised by the Goblin team to produce a unique collection.

Goblin Works Garage is available to watch internationally on Quest and the Discovery Network.

Goblin Works Garage shoot at The Depository - Hackney. Jimmy.


9 thoughts on “Goblin Works Garage

  1. I had high hopes, but they were soon dashed. Modifications reminding me of Bernie and Leepu if you look at the Capri, fake buyers offering huge amounts, in reality they are worth about half what they ask. The cars are just a mess, that poor mg.

  2. Just wish the team maxim wasn’t “now what can we do to destroy the design integrity of this classic car” by either making it look as though its been in cartoon collision with a steam roller or, “it will all come right when we can remember what we first started out with” before a total Goblin ******up.

    Totally agree with the lovely Helen, the delivery van is complete comedy joke, and suggest this overrated inverted dolls pram be pushed over Beach Head in time for Brexit celebrations next March. Don’t worry it will float, then can be towed back to France behind a car ferry or, used as a Thames barge for waste disposal at sea.

    If talented Helen could be Teamed up with gentleman giant mechanic Edd China, and a new ‘Wheeler Dealers’ series brought back to Quest, what a winning combination these two TALENTED heart throbs would make. Then we could get back to authentic restoration programs once again instead of “Whats it worth” and fake buyers .

  3. bit of a stretch from goblin vacuum cleaners to this sad show…why is there an american on the team?,this show seems to be made up of a casting call for a reality show , not actual people who have worked together for years….fake, i dont buy it., look at fast and loud -joke nowadays, graveyard cars- great work but a joke., and so many other crap shows-boyd coddington garbage show from day one.

  4. Goblin did not fade into obscurity in the 1980’s, Goblin was a trademark for domestic vacuum cleaners of the British Vacuum Cleaner Company (BVC). The brand was applied to vacuums, clocks and fan heaters aimed at the domestic market. BVC is still very much in business and make superb, specialist vacuum cleaners for industry as well as the CV9 which is a Goblin machine and the vacuum cleaner with the longest production life (about 50 years and counting) and a superb cleaner. The Goblin brand is licenced for imported domestic vacuums in the budget price band sold by Argos and ASDA. To my knowledge servicing BVC/Goblin products for years and dealing with BVC themeselves, although they are a first rate British engineering company, they never had any connection to automotive engineering.

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