Goblin Works Garage

Goblin Works were an old, established British engineering company that sadly faded into obscurity in the ‘80’s, never to be heard of again.

That is until extreme engineer Jimmy de Ville decided to put together a crack team of petrol head engineers to build custom cars and motorcycles under the name ‘Goblin Works Garage’.

Who are the Goblins? The team is made up of Ant Partridge, a custom bike designer and builder, Helen Stanley a custom classic car designer and builder, and Jimmy de Ville, extreme engineer extraordinaire.

The purpose of the Goblin team is to design and create custom builds to ruffle feathers, challenge perceptions, inspire, infuriate and indulge petrol head fantasies. And best of all, we get to see it in all its technicolor glory, blow by blow.

Goblin Works Garage shoot at The Depository - Hackney. Jimmy, Helen, and Ant.

The Goblin Works Garage dream team, Jimmy, Ant and Helen, all bring very different skills and experience to the table. What they do share is passion for engineering, speed, custom design and individuality. With a sprinkling of genius, lunacy and imagination thrown in for good measures.

Goblin Works Garage is a not to be missed, 6 parts series, starting in the UK on Thursday 11th January at 9pm on Quest, with release in the rest of the world to follow shortly after.

Throughout the series the Goblins design and build six custom classic cars and four custom motorcycles, that makes for six action packed episodes.

The lineup includes;

Goblin Works Garage shoot at The Depository - Hackney. Helen.

4 Wheels.

  • A  MK3 Capri that gets transformed into a muscle car the likes of which the UK has never seen.
  • A Series 2a Land Rover that gets slammed, Goblin style. You can actually hear the purists cry in this episode.
  • An ugly ‘70’s MG that gets turned it into a sleek speedster.
  • A MK2 Escort that gets the rally car for the road treatment in true retro-mod, Goblin style.
  • A Datsun 280z that is transformed into a fast retro road car.
  • A 1950’s Chevy Apache Truck that gets transformed into a hard as nails mini monster truck.

Goblin Works Garage shoot at The Depository - Hackney. Ant.2 Wheels.

  • A 2017 Norton Dominator Naked Edition gets reimagined into a Goblin café racer concept bike for Norton CEO Stuart Garner and Norton.
  • A 2017 Yamaha MT 10  gets born again as”Tempus Fury”, a turbo charged drag bike, built for TW Steel.
  • A 2017 Harley Davidson Roadster gets turned into a wall riding Flat Track Racer.
  • A Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R gets a race build for the legendary Fast Freddie Spencer.

Goblin Works Garage shoot at The Depository - Hackney. Helen.


Each of the selected vehicles gets restored, reimagined, redesigned and customised by the Goblin team to produce a unique collection.

Goblin Works Garage is available to watch internationally on Quest and the Discovery Network.

Goblin Works Garage shoot at The Depository - Hackney. Jimmy.


25 thoughts on “Goblin Works Garage

  1. Tony says:

    Great write up. I reckon this will be the car show of 2018. Jimmy, Helen and Ant are definitely the ones to watch

  2. Matt says:

    So enthusiastic with brilliant skills to die for great show

  3. peted says:

    I had high hopes, but they were soon dashed. Modifications reminding me of Bernie and Leepu if you look at the Capri, fake buyers offering huge amounts, in reality they are worth about half what they ask. The cars are just a mess, that poor mg.

    1. PeteM says:

      I would be interested who is the welder behind the mask!!

  4. Bren Calver says:

    Just wish the team maxim wasn’t “now what can we do to destroy the design integrity of this classic car” by either making it look as though its been in cartoon collision with a steam roller or, “it will all come right when we can remember what we first started out with” before a total Goblin ******up.

    Totally agree with the lovely Helen, the delivery van is complete comedy joke, and suggest this overrated inverted dolls pram be pushed over Beach Head in time for Brexit celebrations next March. Don’t worry it will float, then can be towed back to France behind a car ferry or, used as a Thames barge for waste disposal at sea.

    If talented Helen could be Teamed up with gentleman giant mechanic Edd China, and a new ‘Wheeler Dealers’ series brought back to Quest, what a winning combination these two TALENTED heart throbs would make. Then we could get back to authentic restoration programs once again instead of “Whats it worth” and fake buyers .

  5. akirasan says:

    totally there for tv and show bikes no real content.
    This is reality tv so its is fake.

  6. Andrew Kotcher says:

    bit of a stretch from goblin vacuum cleaners to this sad show…why is there an american on the team?,this show seems to be made up of a casting call for a reality show , not actual people who have worked together for years….fake, i dont buy it., look at fast and loud -joke nowadays, graveyard cars- great work but a joke., and so many other crap shows-boyd coddington garbage show from day one.

  7. ozmo says:

    I’m in it for Helen, then to see how the weekly vehicular mash-up turns out

  8. Philllip Colley says:

    The front end on that Datsun, looks shit. There are gaps from bonnet to bumper and they are also different size gaps . How can anybody pay 30k for that bodge up.

  9. Max says:

    Hi, I’m looking for photos of the ZX-10 R made by Ant for Fast Eddie, I hope someone wants to help me find them

  10. CS says:

    Garbage Garage, complete fake, series 1 was bad enough, to give these talentless hipsters another series is a joke, as for the muscle mini, really? buy a mini scrap a mini buy a new shell & fit another A series engine, wow thats really tearing up the rule book, fake, fake and fake.

  11. M holfels says:

    Are they mechanics or office personnel.I have never seen mechanics with huge watches and rings on their fingers work on trucks, cars or motorcycles. I guess only real mechanics that do this for a living would notice. Thanks

  12. Don says:

    Clean, artsy, cutting edge vintage grunge and worth watching every episode. Very entertaining that it brings on a few Brit classic purist hissy fits. It is, after all, a production on a schedule for television, which is by nature contrived and very light on any real or fake controversy. Watching a fake rerun again…Haha gotta love it! Keep it coming!

  13. Shaun says:

    Love the program think all the cars they restore deserve a second chance and we should be see more old classics being used every day I’d like to some how get in touch with them see if they would restore my mk2 golf gti had this since I was 22 and it’s seen better days but would be a good project been saving got 5 grad to spend on it so if any would know how to contact them it would be much appreciated

  14. Anthony Mcgowan says:

    Hi we are running an event this August Bank Holiday. It is a modified vehicle event. Would you be interested in been our guess of hounor.

  15. Nick dames says:

    Well guys
    What can I say the beetle omg STOP you have no original ideas? First doint cut cars about and ruin the structure this is not car building it’s a bodge job , the car looked terrible guys take another look !
    Why copy the American ideas from the 50s that is unusable on the public roads and had been done a million times before ,
    There are many highly talented people building things in their sheds far better and with more talent and skill and more creative.
    Hey you look cool but are useless at building cars STOP go do something you can do

  16. Luke Ireland says:

    Hello I would love to see you do a custom job on a Nissan 300zxtwinturbo

  17. C'est Moi says:

    Bonjour je m’appelle cédric j’adore votre émission et les voitures de vous restaurer si sa peut vous intéresser j’ai une HONDA CIVIC 1.5i vtec de an 1995 a vendre avec tout les papiers en règle !! et dont le moteur n’ai plus fabriquer elle démarre parfaitement mais a besoin de soins rien de bien méchant mais je ne veut pas m’en sépare parce que c’est mon papa qui m’en a fait cadeau je ne veut pas la vendre a n’importe qui pour des raisons que je ne veut pas qu’elle va a la casse j’ai vu de quoi vous étiez capable et me demander si vous seriez intéressé pour me la racheter et lui donner une seconde vie à avec votre talent !!!
    elle est dans mon garage en bonne état général.
    si ma civic 1.5i vtec 5 porte essence ( 95.98.ou hétanol ) vous intéressera
    ps:je ne parle pas anglais j’espère que sa ne sera pas un soucis
    merci d’avance dans l’attente d’une réponse favorable de votre part je continue à vous regardez sur discovery channel je vous adores

  18. Simon Harris says:

    In one of your episodes one of you was wearing a Caveman Choppers sweatshirt. Can you ask him where he brought it from! Many thanks.

  19. Tom says:

    I have three cars in ok condition love to customize .1967 impala…71 Monte..72 amx

    What I think I had back and shoulder surgery can’t finish…

  20. Phil says:

    Hilarious, watching again £2000 for a knackered Volvo, mini just for log book, none of original used. Unrealistic budgets and buyers who must be blind millionaires, could it be any more fake. Complete nonsense

  21. Danny Stirrups says:

    Thinking outside the box by fitting a blacktop zetec in the front of a mk2 escort?. Been doing that for over 10 years with various classic fords. Very much normal now. A capri with an american V8 engine from tje modern mustang. Great idea but naff bodywork which ruined the car. Sorry but the ideas are great. The building content isnt as much as i would have expected to see. Jimmys a great mechanic. Thinks a different way on some projects. Ant is a great bike mechanic and fabricator. Helens a good designer but adding the 3 together just doesnt work for me. Also never forgiven helen for roof chopping a mk2 cortina and sticking silly rear lights on a once decent car.
    I keep watching but not my favorite program. Leave that to fuzz towsend and his mechanical expertise


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