Skull and Pistons Garage. Rebels with a cause

Skull and Pistons Garage (S & PG). Full of rock ‘n roll attitude and style, the new kids on the block in the UK custom scene and are so slick and full of enthusiasm, spirit and passion.

I met these guys at their launch event at the Ace Cafe a while ago with their then unfinished first project. Not sure what to expect, I was blown away by the attention to detail and the quality of the work. More than that, Helen and Stephen, the drive behind the dream, are as impressive as the build.

In their own words; Skull & Pistons Garage is born from Helen and Stephens infinite and slightly obsessive love of cars and is a British brand, established in 2014, specialising in the customising and renovating of classic British cars. They create head turners, full of nostalgia and style. Forget that aftermarket, bolt on approach, we’re talking custom work that looks like it came out of the factory that way. Stylish and full of rock ‘n’ roll attitude; they’ve been doing it in America for years, now it’s our turn.

The first build is a no half measures, in at the deep end kind of build. S & PG opened their portfolio with a MK2 Cortina 1600GT. A classic you might say. not to be messed with people might shout. No fucks given is the reply you would get from S & PG. To add insult to injury, this one was a nice clean car to start with too soooooo……………they cut the roof off.

Their clean, classic, precious 1600GT Cortina was the victim of a 4” roof chop. It was a bitch to do but it’s been done properly, no bullshit, no half measures, and looks like it came out of the factory it’s so straight. To get it to work they had to chop the roof up, widening and lengthening, adding metal where it needed it to make it perfect. The roof chop was made even more complex by the challenges offered up by a 4 door shell, and the result is flawless.

S & PG’s Cortina reeks of subtle alterations and modifications that have taken many, many hours to complete. Some have been done and re done because the finish or look didn’t meet the exacting standards of Helen and Stephen. They have kept the 1600GT crossflow but rebuilt it and bolted on a set of 40’s……just the job.

I saw it first when it was part built, then again, later as a finished car. This Cortina is entirely rust free, straight as a die from front to back with a paint finish like glass.

This jaw dropping, roof chopped Cortina is a blend of gangster chic with a healthy dose of modern twist on a classic custom build.

You need to see this in the flesh to really appreciate it. Take the time to walk around the car and drink in the exceptional attention to detail.

The longer you stare the more more cool and subtle touches you notice. Frenched rear lights complete a smoothed rear end and who doesn’t like a smooth rear end. Shaved rear door handles, hispec callipers wrapped in minilite-esq Rotas, a detailed underside with colour matched suspension bushes, the list goes on, this car is breathtaking.

Next up on the S & PG chopping block is a rare South African imported MK3 Cortina pickup. This is getting the custom muscle car treatment complete with V8 and nasty muscle car stance.

With a no fucks given attitude, you won’t be surprised to hear they have yet another classic gem waiting in the wings to get the S & PG treatment. It’s a 1974 MK1 Cortina estate. If you thought chopping up a MK2 1600GT was sacrilege, what will the purists think about a rare MK1 estate?

This is the build I will be saving up my pennies for. This MK1 will be restored and customised with a solid nod to originality. Lift the bonnetand you’ll find it already has a 1500 GT Harris tuned engine on twin 40s which is a hell of a way start.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Skull and Pistons Garage are the next big thing in the UK custom scene. You can get regular updates and find out more on their website and the guys are very happy to talk about bespoke commissions.

I’m proud to know these guys and can’t wait to see where Skull and Pistons Garage take the scene.

Have a look at their film here……..

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