Mitch Schouteden’s 1987 Audi 100 C3. The Straight Flush

What we have here is a love story to start the new year off with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

This is a love story about a boy called Mitch Schouteden and his drop dead gorgeous, very special 1987 Audi 100 C3.

Mitch Schouteden's 1987 Audi 100 C3 BlackTopMedia

This all started when i was at Edition38 2016. It was a wicked affair as usual. We’ve been lucky enough to attend the last few years and it never fails to amaze and inspire us and the thousands of people who attend.
If you haven’t been, it’s one of Europe’s biggest VW shows, with something for all tastes. Superb organisation and entertainment make it what it is, a fantastic, must do event.

This year, nestling amongst the cars in the show and shine arena was a gorgeous, bright red, 1987 Audi 100, slammed on air, sitting on Porsche 928 rims.
We’re big old school fans and were completely blown away by the attention to detail on this Audi 100. Unusual because it was a C3 and not an earlier C1 or C2 but this is how the scene is going now with more and more late ’80’s/early ’90’s metal catching people’s eye.

Mitch Schouteden's 1987 Audi 100 C3 BlackTopMedia

The owner is a cool cat called Mitch Schouteden who lives in Belgium.
Mitch came to own the Audi through
his Grandpa. He gave Mitch the car when he was 18, but i doubt he had any idea what Mitch had in store for the Audi.

Mitch is an old school fan like us, he says old cars have history, a story. He’s also very handy and carried out the majority of the work in this build with his own hands.

Where do we start? Lets start with the body. It’s an Audi 100 C3 1.8.
The bodywork is absolutely flawless and finished in original VAG Tornado-Red, while the bumpers have been painted a contrasting black. I doubt this Audi was as clean and straight as this when it came out of the factory, it is faultless, impeccable, exquisite.

Mitch Schouteden's 1987 Audi 100 C3 BlackTopMedia

Mitch’s interior is something to behold. I mean it’s jaw dropping, stunning, breathtaking. The interior is one of the few jobs Mitch didn’t carry out himself, entrusting it to his friend at Concept Leather.
As with every piece of this Audi, the standard of the interior work is spectacular and is one of the defining features of the car.
The floor is bathed in Porsche carpets and acres of cream leather and alcantara are contrasted by Burberry cloth on the sumptuous seats, door cards and pretty much every nook and cranny in the interior. Any plastic interior parts have been refurbished and painted the exact same colour as the rich cream leather.
Every inch of the boot is upholstered in the same gorgeous cream leather and Burberry cloth as the interior and the leather boot floor has ‘1987’ embroidered in it, a nice touch.

The attention to detail is staggering, for example, under the wooden Nardi steering wheel, in front of the driver’s knees, is a small shelf fully upholstered in cream leather with Burberry cloth inlaid. They have even gone to the trouble of making leather covers for the drivers pedals with ‘100’ embroidered on them……spectacular attention to detail.

Mitch Schouteden's 1987 Audi 100 C3 BlackTopMedia

Talking of the boot, there’s a full airride kit in there, polished 20 litre tank and chromed compressors with 10mm custom formed copper pipes. The install is all Mitch’s work, It’s a beautiful install too.

To make the airride work effectively, Mitch has had to notch the chassis at the front to create clearance for the ball joints, then modify the rear axle to ensure there’s no body contact when the Audi is dragging it’s belly in the weeds.
Subframes and anti roll bars have all been refurbished and powder coated semi gloss black. Yep, that’s right, hours and hours of work under the car where no one will see it. That’s dedication, that’s serious attention to detail. That’s what makes this car so special.

Mitch Schouteden's 1987 Audi 100 C3 BlackTopMedia

Enough for you? Had your fill? We haven’t finished yet. “Pop the hood”, that famous quote from Fast and Furious. When you pop the hood on Mitch’s Audi you are met with a fully polished 1.8L engine, head to toe…..well, sump, and everything in between. Literally the whole engine has been chromed. The rocker cover, block, sump, radiator cowl, cam belt cover, alternator, everything. It’s mind blowing, breathtaking.
Only the plastic parts haven’t been chromed for obvious reasons. The rest of the ‘bay has been fully refurbished to better than new condition and painted in the same deep tornado red as the body. The chroming has been taken care of by K-Tech in Hagen (DE).

Mitch Schouteden's 1987 Audi 100 C3 BlackTopMedia

Mitch’s Audi rolls hard on highly polished 16” Porsche 928 S4 ‘winter’ rims, 7J ET 65 up front and 16” 8J ET 58 out back with 25mm thick spacers. Custom adapters were made to take the 5×130 Porsche PCD to VW’s 4×108.

What Mitch has built is a straight flush in the world of car poker, a winning hand, the best of the best. I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of Mitch’s Audi 100 in the future, it’s really is a beautiful car.

Mitch Schouteden's 1987 Audi 100 C3 BlackTopMedia

Photo credit goes to Oliver Verhey for the awesome photos

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