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#FordFrenzy: Ford Fiesta Ecoboost 125PS. 6K Fun


Up on the top floor of MotorMartin Towers, there’s often a heated debate regarding Ford’s recent output and whether or not there’s a comparable car on offer that can give you that late eighties excitement gained from a fuel injected XR designated Escort or Fiesta whilst maintaining the massive advances in safety, style and efficiency that the modern car buyer insists upon. Well the time is now right to conclude that particular debate once and for all and it seems a rather appropriate way to open this, BlackTopMedia‘s first ever #FordFrenzy week.

Early last year, @forduk kindly provided @motormartin1 with the following short film, taken from their excellent YouTube channel, highlighting the evolution of their groundbreaking Fiesta and the direct links that the MK7 edition can legitimately claim to have with the original MK1:

All of which serves to confirm MotorMartin’s hypothesis that the 1.0L EcoBoost 125PS edition, released back in late 2012, is a more than willing purchase for those of us that hanker to replicate those heady, youthful days of the past. Indeed, with the excellent 1.0L Three Cylinder Turbo EcoBoost engine delivering a rather surprising 123bhp and 147 lb-ft Torque, this really is an engine to be treasured. The fact that this tiny Three Cylinder engine can also return fuel consumption of up to 65mpg, whilst still delivering a 0-60mph time of 9.1s and a top speed of 122mph is, in MotorMartin’s opinion, quite staggering.

And this is also a car that delivers on the styling front also, as the sportier, deeper front grill and splitter, reminiscent of the Fiesta ST, alloys, privacy glass and impressive rear spoiler all add up to offer that visual punch in the face that Fast Ford fans and Essex residents rightly demand. This is most certainly a great looking car then.

The handling of this pocket rocket and that engine is what our original question and indeed our whole debate rests upon. Does it deliver the thrills and spills of Fords bygone age? Absolutely, and all whilst offering quite incredible efficiency, especially as this particular Fiesta offers plenty of accessible power and torque to play with. The Ecoboost engine delivers on quiet country lanes, aggressive A roads and the motorway as well. It’s immense fun to stir the revs with the excellent gearbox and exploit the sporty, yet neutral steering and handling on offer. The ride, whilst firm, delivers feel in abundance and allows you to concentrate on your lines through the corners, allowing them to flow from one to another in quick succession.

Checking through AutoTrader shows that you can pick up a good, late 2012 EcoBoost 125PS Fiesta for around the 6K mark if you’re willing to travel for that perfect car and MotorMartin certainly recommends that you do as for the money, you’re getting a relatively fast, sporty, good looking, practical car that can trace it’s roots back to those legendary Fast Fords of the past.

#FordFrenzy? You’d better believe it!

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