Porsche 924 Doubloon – Project Phoenix

There are rare cars and there are rare cars. Consider the Jaguar XJ220 with only 271 ever produced, that’s pretty rare. Take for example the beautiful Lamborghini LP400 with only 158 ever made, that’s rare.

Both are practically full on, mass produced cars when compared to the Porsche 924 Doubloon. This is a car so rare, you almost certainly haven’t even heard of it.
The Doubloon is a UK only model with a very limited production run of just 50, yes 50 units, total production. Now that’s rare!
The Doubloon is based on the 1979 2.0L Porsche 924 but with a selection of juicy extras that really set it apart from the crowd. porsche 924 boubloon blacktopmedia
Some of the more subtle differences between a standard Porsche 924 and the Doubloon include the unique pale gold metallic paint with tan pin stripe and cast alloy 924 wheels with painted black centres and polished rims
Some of the more obvious differences are the striking orange and brown upholstery with matching orange carpet and perhaps the most significant difference is the dogleg 5 speed gearbox also found on the 924 turbo and 924 Carrera GT.










Porsche UK marketing department commissioned the cars in 1979 which were then built on the production line and shipped over to the UK.
With 924 values having bottomed out a few years ago, reaching as low as a few hundred pounds, and the Doubloon being such an unknown and rare car, you could be forgiven for thinking that they would all be dead and buried by now, lost is a sea of old 924’s. Fortunately our good friend Nash at Retro Restorer knows where 1 of these ultra rare cars are……… it’s in his workshop!porsche 924 boubloon blacktopmedia
Nash almost missed the car when he came across it on Ebay one evening. It had seen lots of better days and was in a bit of a state. The owner had painted the car in some odd punisher theme with aerosols. Nash had been tipped off that it might be an elusive Doubloon so took a chance and bought the car.
When the car arrived at the workshop, all the Doubloon hallmarks were there. A quick VIN numbers check confirmed it was indeed one of the rarest of rare Porsche 924 Doubloons.
Plenty of work had been done to the car over the years, including a top end engine rebuild to a good standard but sadly the body is in a bad way.2015-11-08-13-19-40-1
The to do list is extensive, with the car needing everything from serious rust repairs to wheel refurbishment to a new dashboard and clean/restore the interior plus much, much more.
There is no better place for a 924 than Nash’s garage Retro Restorer in Banbury, so you can bet your bottom dollar this Doubloon will live to fight another day.
This is no quick fix. This is Nash’s own car and is a long term project so customers cars have to take priority, after all, they pay the bills. The plan is a full nut and bolt rebuild to bring this Doubloon back to rude health. We look forward to seeing Retro Restorer slowly breath new life into this rarest of rare 924’s and will bring you updates as the project progresses.2015-11-08-13-18-03-1
We popped over to see the car recently and put together a little film of Nash’s 924 Doubloon as it quietly and patiently sits, waiting it’s turn in the spotlight.

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