TinTops kicks up a fuss in a Polaris buggy

Blacktopmedia tintops dirt

The phone rang and the voice on the other end asked, ‘do you want to drive an off road buggy?’.

Blacktopmedia tintops buggy

The reply was obviously yes which lead me to being in Lincolnshire on a windy and cold August morning.

Before that though, let me introduce myself.
My name is Nick and I’m better known by my Social Media alter ego @TinTopsUK.

I really like cars and driving very quickly. I’ve done rallies, 24 hour kart races and tested various race cars but my heart really lies in off road.

I blame my dad, the mysterious voice on the phone that started this particular adventure. He rallied Escorts in his twenties and the fire was passed on to me!

We spotted the SXS Racing Polaris at Goodwood Festival of Speed and knew we had to have a go. A few emails and phone calls latter we were in an active quarry in Lincolnshire, ready to drive an off road buggy.

Blacktopmedia tintops dirt

The race format was a straight 2 hour endurance, last drivers standing would probably take home silverware and the course was a rough mix of rocks, jumps and steep climbs and drops, perfect for the 900cc Polaris buggy.

The buggy itself is basically a roll cage with a 900cc bike engine and two seats, it’s not hard to have fun it in. That said, to drive it fast, commitment is needed.

Being on dirt means that every lap is different as the surface cuts up and the rocks are thrown about.

Blacktopmedia tintops buggy

The joy of drifting a buggy across dirt
whilst heading for a jump is difficult to describe but it’s something you won’t ever experience on a racing circuit! The feeling of freedom as you race at full speed through over a quarry surface is truly inspiring.

Unsurprisingly this is incredibly hard on both buggy and driver. A number of punctures, mechanical failures and crashes lead to a high attrition rate, but for those who finished it was well worth all the effort!

Blacktopmedia tintops buggy inside

The buzz was incredible and I want to get myself back in the seat as quickly as possible!

A big thanks goes to SXS Racing for giving me the opportunity to try the buggy and a special mention goes to Kunstvoller for making kit that can survive whichever daft extreme motorsport I try next!

Blacktopmedia tintops buggy run

The next round is in Swindon in a few weeks and a plan has been hatched to get me back in a seat. If you are a bit bored of your current race series give it a go, I promise you will be smiling when you hit the first jump!

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