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2015 Mazda MX5 test drive… Goodwood!


The all new 2015 MX5 is a really cool little car. I used to have a MK1 until earlier this year when i sold it and immediately regretted doing so.DSC_0003-2-resized
My MK1 had a great chassis, great engine, perfect dynamics and was just fun personified.

These days, lots of manufacturers trade on brand heritage and talk about how their new model carries over the DNA from the old cars. In reality they are a million miles away from the ’80’s hot hatches the profess to be like with their quick steering, light weight and great throttle response.DSC_0002-2-resized

Mazda have nailed it.

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to the Goodwood Moving Motorshow recently by Eurekar as a guest of Mazda UK and i can’t say thanks enough. It was an amazing day with great hospitality, great atmosphere, great cars and it all came together to make a fantastic day.
The highlight was getting to drive the 2015 MX5 up the famous Goodwood hillclimb.

The car i was down to drive was the smaller engined 1.5 and with 131ps (129hp) it doesn’t sound like it will set the world on fire BUT new MX5 only weighs 1050kgs and has perfect 50:50 weight distribution.

When you slide behind the wheel in to the bucket seat, it feels new yet familiar and that familiarity continues through the entire MX5 experience. It felt just like my old MK1. When i say ‘just like it’ i really mean just like it. The steering felt immediate and responsive, the gearbox was positive with a short throw gear change that was near identical to the MK1. Even the engine echoed the responsive, spirited characteristics of the original with nice snappy throttle response.
All of this combines to make the 2015 MX5 a joy to drive.

I loved my original MK1 MX5. It was a great car with a fantastic chassis.
The 2015 MX5 has all of the best parts of the original, wrapped up in a very pretty, well built, safe and reliable modern package. 

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