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Skoda Octavia VRS 4×4 Diesel video review

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Our friend and contributor Hannah, also know as @femalemechanic on twitter, has been out in the Skoda Octavia VRS 4×4 Diesel. We’ve had a brief go in the same car ourselves and think she’s pretty spot on with her appraisal! Have a look for yourself and tell us if you agree……

Electric Vehicles

Are electric vehicles the devils work?

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This is a difficult subject for BlackTopMedia. We have, up until now, always ignored EV’s (Electric Vehicles) and classed them as the devils work. We have generally considered them a marketing exercise and not remotely green once you factor in whole life costs and not just tailpipe emissions. With the continued growth and development of […]


TinTops kicks up a fuss in a Polaris buggy

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The phone rang and the voice on the other end asked, ‘do you want to drive an off road buggy?’. The reply was obviously yes which lead me to being in Lincolnshire on a windy and cold August morning. Before that though, let me introduce myself. My name is Nick and I’m better known by my […]