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Thrilling Displays Of Motion And Emotion Planned By Peugeot For This Year’s Goodwood Festival Of Speed

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  The theme of the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed: ‘Addicted to Winning – The Unbeatable Champions of Motor Sport’ is well matched to PEUGEOT, driven by its brand signature ‘Motion & Emotion’. The Brand is aiming to reach new heights in the year that it celebrates 125-years of automotive achievement. PEUGEOT has a number […]

Retro Cars

Falken Tyres V8 Milk Float…….or Should That Be Drift Float

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With a rising number of petrol cars switching to electric power, a 1961 Morris milkfloat shows that going from electric to petrol has its merits. Sporting Falken’s latest WildPeak’s and Linam van tyres, Mel Smith’s milkfloat packs a full fat powertrain with a 3.5litre Rover engine mounted behind the driver. Ahead of a summer season […]